Sweet Confidence {Advocating}

When I looked back through all my pictures of the two trips I’ve made to this orphanage in the last year, I noticed that “Kevin” isn’t in too many of them. It’s one of the reasons why I was drawn to him actually.

He didn’t always come running with the other kids to squish his face into the frame whenever they saw one of our cameras come out. It’s not because he didn’t notice or was too reserved to join in. He  was gentle and invested in the moment, focused and content with whatever activity we were doing, engaging his friends in play. Though admittedly, that play did sometimes lead to victory signs and giggles.

Don’t get me wrong; he was interested in all of us foreigners and enjoyed interacted with us. But, when it comes to “Kevin,” there’s a sweetness that pours out of him that draws everyone in. He shares with his friends; he is obedient for his nannies; he is smart, kind, and silly; he’s creative and enjoys performing (especially poems and songs that may involve a little bit of dancing), which perfectly showcases how he also loves to have fun.


He isn’t one who will compete for your attention. Instead, he’ll simple capture your heart with his smile.


Interested in learning more about this sweet little guy whose advocacy name is “Kevin”? He’s currently available for adoption through Madison, a good agency which is offering a $2,000 grant to the family who wants to make him their son. Contact info@sparrow-fund.org to learn more about where he is and our experience with him, and contact Sarah at Madison to request to review his file. We can’t wait to meet the family who gets to make this kiddo their son.


Erin Garrison has been a pediatric physical therapist since 2010 and was first introduced to The Sparrow Fund through serving on an orphanage trip in October of 2016. It was during this trip that her heart was stirred and she was drawn to a big career change in order to serve children living in orphanages, their temporary caregivers, and families who move forward to adopt them. Her passion is to help equip and train the orphanage staff on developmental and handling techniques to assist in reducing delays. She also seeks to be a therapeutic resource for families as they transition children to home and get connected to the services needed. You can contact Erin directly at eringarrison@sparrowfund.org.

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