It’s nest building time

It’s that time of year again. The Sparrow Fund team is all abuzz because May means it’s time to build the nest. This May marks our 4th annual fundraiser which is what allows us to continue our work to support adoptive families through grants, support, and training as well as our new work in orphan care as we lead teams to serve at an orphanage in Shaanxi, China.

Building the nest for The Sparrow Fund isn’t an independent task; it takes a lot of people to build that nest so that we can help others as they build theirs through this thing called adoption. All the businesses linked up below have joined us by making a pretty big commitment to donate at least 10% of their total sales during the month of May to The Sparrow Fund so that we can continue to serve adoptive families in a significant way.

Visit their sites, shop with purpose and make that 10% something crazy. Then, after you do, come back and leave a comment here sharing who you purchased from and what you purchased. For every purchase you make, you get one entry to…

win an ipad mini

Pretty awesome, right?

*in order to to qualify for an entry to win, orders or purchases must be made within the month of May. Comment must include the name of the business and what you ordered. The winning entry will be chosen during the first week of June and announced on The Sparrow Fund Facebook page and Twitter feed.*

Jewelry Design

Art and Design


Clothing & Accessories


Special Gifts


Sponsors for Building the Nest

To get the nest started…

Sparrow Sponsor

Norman L. Graham, Inc.

Norman L. Graham, Inc. is a premier builder of custom homes and additions in South Central Pennsylvania. From design to construction, every Norman L. Graham project is built with care and careful attention to detail. What better partner to build the nest than a company who is all about nest building.

Other Sponsors

If you would like your store or business to be a part of this May fundraising event, please contact Kelly at The Sparrow Fund to be added to this post and future posts as part of this effort.

88 thoughts on “It’s nest building time

  1. Candace Roberts

    Purchased from Jiayun Designs, beautiful necklace for my mother-in-law that says grandmother in Chinese.

  2. Laura Van Aken

    Hi! I bought a great glass water bottle from Truly Pure & Natural!! Can’t wait to use it all Summer!

  3. Linda David

    We also booked a Disney Vacation through Erin from Mickey Travels! And we CANT WAIT!!!!!!

  4. Melissa Renno

    Hi! I bought a gorgeous necklace from Origami Owl that represents our family. I’m so excited about it!

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  7. Danielle Markert

    I bought an adorable print for J and J’s end of year teacher gift from Art by Erin Leigh.

  8. wanda

    I purchased a beautiful necklace from PeaceofMind on May 16th, can’t wait to get it!!

  9. Kimberly Paiva

    I am a second grade teacher, and my class and I feel in love with Disney’s latest classic hit, Frozen, this past year. We studied the film, as well as the original classic, The Snow Queen. When I saw the absolutely beautiful, hand-painted beads created by Ashlyn, I was beside myself. Never before have I seen such talent and perseverance in someone at such a young age. Here she is, in grade school herself, and already she is a young entrepreneur. Not only that, but through our emails, we have learned much about each other. As soon as she learned that I was childhood friends with the writer/director of Frozen, Jennifer Lee, she decided to paint a necklace for Jenn, as well.
    What an experience doing business with Ashlyn has been! I can’t wait to order from her again, and I just know she is going to be very successful in life! Thank you! Kim Paiva, Grade 2 Teacher

  10. Alyson Bonus

    After 4 years of struggling with infertility, my husband and I had an IUI to concieve our daughter, Emerson. Unfortunately on May 6th, 2014 I went into labor prematurely after my water broke due to an incompetent cervix. Our angel was born still. We are so devastated and have been trying to find ways to keep her in our lives. I ordered car decals from Cara at Blue times two that all of our family now has on their vehicles. All I did was tell Cara what happened and an idea and she designed something perfect on the first try. We are all in love with them and are very happy that we will always have our sweet Emerson Kyrie with us.

  11. Kim

    Hi, I made a couple purchases thru Compelled Designs this month. Thanks for entering my name to the drawing!

  12. Shari Benton

    I ordered a print from echoesofmercy, that says “I love you all the way to China and and all the way back.” 🙂

  13. Sherry Taylor

    I ordered a Piggy pastel original Handcrafted Wall Décor from ImagoDeiNurseryDecor. Her work is beautiful!

  14. Jean Whitesavage

    I bought 8 sticks of Tulip Grease on Mothers Day, for me. I needed to replenish my personal stock! Every favorite coat, jacket, purse, my car, bedside, gardening pants gets a new stick. I was desperate! Down to the last delicious dregs, digging it out with a toothpick, I think I am addicted to Tulip Grease! It is a lovely product, so cleverly designed, tastes good too.

  15. Lara

    I stopped by the New Holland Coffee Company the other day and bought a pound of their Colombian coffee beans…looking forward to trying it!

  16. Kerrie Bocci

    I bought a Lydia Love Doll from the Ruffled a Feathers Company…can’t wait to give her to my Frannie love 🙂

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  18. April Good

    I just purchased a Mother’s necklace. I am SO excited to receive it and to support such a great cause. God bless you!

  19. Shannan Harrington

    Hi. I bought 2 pillows from Olivehandmade; a typewriter and a heart one.

  20. Danielle Markert

    I just ordered a bunch of tulip grease for all of the teacher aides in our children’s lives.

  21. Kathy Sutherland

    I purchased an amazing piece (hand painted yellow elephant on gray) from Imago Dei Nursery Décor.

  22. Felicia Turano

    I purchased a wonderful minky puppy (gift for a baby) from Ginger Peachy Kids.

  23. Wanda

    I just bought the most amazing anchor pillow covers from Olive Handmade!!!! Love her work!

  24. Julie Swain

    I just purchased a beautiful doll, owl, skirt, tank top, and purse from Ruffled Feathers Company! We are so excited to receive these items to take to China this summer for our daughter!!!

  25. Beth Dixon

    I bought the physicians kit from DoTerra. I love all the oils and how useful they are!

  26. Lisa Plank

    I purchased a necklace from Pearls and Joy!! Can’t wait to receive it and wear it…SO EXCITED!!!!

  27. Laura Piraino

    Bought an anchor necklace from bumbersbaubles. Also a mom thru adoption!! Love the necklace! Love my daughter!

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  29. Jen

    Just ordered a CUTE anchor skirt from twelve2 to go with the nautical bow for my BFF’s sweet baby girl!

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  31. Jessica

    Purchased Lavender, Clarity, Grapefruit, Citrus Fresh, and RC (through Angela S) and had a friend sign up under me!

  32. Kim Zim

    Also purchased a picture from Signs of Hope – scripture about adoption.
    Love the fact I’m helping a wee bit with the owner’s adoption and at the same time helping Sparrow Fund! Win/Win!!

  33. Jeri Entrekin

    Purchased essential oils ( Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, and Peace & Calming) from Young Living!!

  34. Sarah Randall

    I ordered and received several essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils including Peppermint oil, Thieves oil, Peace & Calming oil, Di-Gize oil, and Dorado Azul for my missionary friend in Guatemala!

  35. Leah B

    I ordered an Acts of Mothering print from Echoes of Mercy and a Fruits of the Spirit print from SignsofHopeShop on May 31.

  36. Erin Hamson

    Blue times two will be sending me a GREAT quote about moms! Can’t wait to add it to a frame.

  37. allison ponsell

    getting in right under the wire! 😉 i bought the “redeemed” necklace from PearlsnJoy & the “falling for you” bronze leaf earrings from BumbersBaubles….OOPS! ALL for me! :-$ can’t wait to get them! 🙂

  38. allison ponsell

    yes….not sure why my comment printed as 2:54 am when it is 10:53 pm EST here….???!!!! 🙂

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