Sparrow Services

Some say adoption is not for the faint of heart. We say that adoption is all about being faint of heart. It’s not easy. The 6 lbs. of paperwork that will eventually come together as your dossier may be considered the easiest part of it all. Preparing yourselves as a couple and as a family for what growing your family through adoption brings is really important. Our Sparrow Services grant program is designed to help you do that.

Our grants are pretty unique as they include more than simply a signed check. We give financial assistance to help families cover the cost of utilizing specialized medical professionals to provide comprehensive support, meaning international adoption experts who engage with families pre-referral, help you work through any and all medical information provided about a potential child when you are considering a referral, and offer post-placement support. Their services can be costly on top of an already costly adoption process. However, not only do we see their services as invaluable as they can help to bring clarity when it is needed most, many adoption agencies require families to secure these services.

In addition to that financial assistance, our grants include additional support including but not limited to a Prepare Enrich marital assessment to create opportunities for couples to experience healthy dialogue about expectations and growth areas as they prepare to adopt, 1:1 help to locate and line up resources your family may need both before and upon finalizing your adoption, coaching with regards to preparing siblings and extended family, and personalized suggestions for building attachment with your new child.

We want to come alongside families, to care for the caregivers and provide personally tailored support to meet your individual needs. That’s the heart behind our Sparrow Services grants. That’s why we’re here.

We know you’ve got questions; everybody always does. We’ve made a list of the most frequently asked questions and have answered them here.

Basic Application Process:

• Click here to download our Sparrow Service Grant application.
• Select the medical organization/service provider you want to use.
• Gather additional documents you need to submit with your application: (1) a copy of your initial home study and any subsequent updates and (2) a letter from your adoption agency. Click here for a sample.
• Mail those two items and your completed application to The Sparrow Fund, Attn: Application Review, 124 3rd Ave, Phoenixville, PA 19460