Stephanie SmitStephanie Smit

Stephanie’s 18 years teaching in the classroom in nothing compared to teaching three little ones at home full time. Through their three little girls, God has revealed Himself most clearly. He not only worked a miracle in giving them their biological daughter, He continued to show Himself in a mighty way throughout their adoption journeys in China and Bhutan that were anything but normal. You can read more about their family on their blog We Are Family.

Abby AkersAbby Akers

Abby and her college sweetheart husband Wes began the journey of domestic adoption in 2009. Blessed with a (more than they had planned but oh so thankful for it) open adoption experience, they were able to witness the birth of their first child Max in the summer of 2010. Little brother Sam joined their team in September of 2012. Wes and Abby are trusting God as he leads them in their relationship with their sons’ birth families. You can follow their story at Akers of Love.

Suzanne MeledeoSuzanne Meledeo

After struggling with infertility for 5 years, God led Suzanne and her husband Adam to His Plan A for their lives—adoption! Their daughter Grace Lihua came into their lives on May 8, 2011 (Mother’s Day) from Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China. And, their son Anthony Jianyou joined their family on January 14, 2013 from Shanghai. After a career in politics, Suzanne is thankful for God’s provision in their lives that now allows her to work part time as a pilates Instructor while home schooling their children. You can follow their adoption journey and life on their blog, Surpassing Greatness.