Mother’s Day Week: Thoughts on the Mothers

When we adopted Eva and Joy, I did not think about their birth mothers very often. Yes, they crossed my mind at certain milestones but not on a regular basis. Now that the girls are older, I’m older, and we have Ivy, I cannot help but think about their mothers. What were their reasons for giving up their daughters?

I wonder about Ivy. Was she abandoned because of her cleft? Maybe her mother could not afford to repair her lip? Was she scared by what she saw? Or is a sweet image of her newborn daughter forever stamped upon her mind?

Eva’s abandonment was obviously not because of her physical appearance or abilities. She was a beautiful, healthy, baby girl. I don’t know how her mother or father came to the decision they made. Was Eva the firstborn child? A girl, when they wanted/needed a boy? Was she a second child that the parents could not afford yet could not abort. Was her birth mother unwed?

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