Darrin and Margie

It wasn’t by accident we met Mark and Kelly Raudenbush. I had been praying and earnestly seeking God concerning the huge decision we would have to make once we received a special needs referral. I knew it was a decision we could not make on our own and one we would need help with. I had done some research and I knew it would cost us financially to have that expertise. We had scrimped and saved to pay for adoption expenses and we were not sure we could come up with the money to use the organization we wished to use. And then we met Mark and Kelly and they told us about The Sparrow Fund. It was a God ordained meeting! We applied and were the first family to receive a grant. The relief I had at that moment is indescribable. We were able to choose CHOP, the finest IA team in the country as far as I am concerned. To have them with us throughout our adoption journey was one of the greatest blessings we could have received. We received our referral May 24, 2010 and are now home with our daughter, Sophia Li. We will be forever grateful for The Sparrow Fund and the important role it plays in bringing families together. Just like ours.

Tim and Nancy

We wouldn’t have adopted this sweet amazing beloved child without the medical review that Sparrow’s Fund assisted with. There were just too many unknowns in her medical reports for us to feel comfortable proceeding with her adoption without a professional interpreting them for us. The medical evaluation that Sparrow’s Fund paid for couldn’t answer all our questions, but it did help us understand the reports that we were given, consider things that we hadn’t even thought about before, and helped give us peace about proceeding with her adoption and the unknowns that remained. Thank you so very much Sparrow’s Fund for being the Lord’s hands here on Earth! Thank you for lifting the financial burden of the medical review and helping make the adoption of our Mazie Jade possible!