Which medical review provider is the best one for your family?

Take a look at the following questions as you look at the list of providers here. We trust you will know which provider is best for you.

1. Do you want the reviewer to be local? Most providers do not require their families to be local because most everything can be done via email or phone. However, selecting a local provider has its benefits. You will be able to visit them after your child is home and have more personalized follow-up because of the history.

2. Some providers have more experience with specific countries than others. Research the physicians and ask if they have specific experience with the country from which you are adopting.

3. Some providers offer more adoption preparation for families than others. Do you want a provider who will help you understand different possible special needs and what may be required to deal with them? Do you want a provider that offers families additional training or connecting opportunities? Ask the providers you are considering what more they offer besides the medical review.

4. What is the provider’s typical response time to provide a referral review? Some adoption programs require a fast decision and having an assessment performed quickly might be critical. Note that some providers have a tiered pricing structure based on how fast of a turnaround time is required.

5. Your provider should offer in-country support. The ability to be able to Skype or call a doctor when you are facing medical concerns in a foreign country provides great piece of mind. Make sure your provider offers this and provides clear instructions on how to reach them when you’re on the other side of the globe.

6. What post adoption support if any do they provide? For a provider local to you, ask if they offer seminars, training events, parent support groups, play groups, etc. If you are considering a provider not local to you, ask if they provide webinars, private online groups, or any other support via email or phone.

7. Don’t be shy. Ask questions of both an initial contact as well as the person who will be serving you directly. You can find out a lot about them and how they work with people with an initial phone call which will help you determine who will be a good fit with your family.