photo from China Foto Press in 2014 in Guangzhou outside a “baby hatch”

Kelly Raudenbush, cofounder of The Sparrow Fund along with her husband Mark, also serves as part of a team of therapists at the Attachment & Bonding Center of PA, specializing in coming alongside foster and adoptive families.

One of her specialties there is helping parents walk with their children as they process their stories. Kelly is currently seeking help from adopted persons from China for this purpose.

At the time of adoption, some families are given notes commonly referred to as “finding notes.” Some adopted persons are given them later when they pursue more information about their history from their orphanage. Finding notes are notes or, in more rare occasions, letters reportedly found with the child at the time of abandonment.

Kelly is gathering examples of these letters to use with adoptees for the therapeutic purpose of “hearing the voices” of some birth parents in order to then help them imagine the voice of their own birth parents as they process their own stories.

If you’d like to participate, email with a jpg or png image of your finding letter, any background information you want to share, and explicit permission to use your letter for therapeutic purposes. Participants will receive an official translation in return that includes any associated observations based on handwriting, word choice, etc.