In March, The Sparrow Fund led our first team to serve at an orphanage in China. A team of 13 people from all over the United States held babies, taught preschoolers how to play London Bridge and blow bubbles, and built relationships with the staff who serve the 300 orphans in their care day in and day out. It was a foundational trip in an ongoing work. As we plan the next trip there in October, partnering with America World Adoption Agency, we are looking forward to being able to do more as trust has been built. Among our team of 14, we have a neonatal nurse and several occupational therapists who will be able to assess children and gently encourage their caregivers to better care for them. We’re also offering something entirely new. It’s super exciting but we need help to make it happen.

Ben Leaman who generously volunteered to be part of our team in March, has agreed to join us again and bring something incredible to the older children there—a photography workshop for 10 young adults (aged 10-14). Using a custom designed 5-day curriculum, we will be teaching them photography basics but also speaking to their hearts to show them that they are beauty makers and creators and that their vision is valuable.

As Ansel Adams pointed out, you don’t make a photograph with just a camera. But, we do need equipment or we cannot offer this program. We have 11 Valuable Vision sponsors, people just like you who understand the significance of what we’re doing and have decided to come alongside a specific child to allow him or her the privilege of joining us to be mentored in photography and heart. Their sponsorship of $200 enabled us to purchase 11 cameras, cases, and memory cards as well as covers in-country printing.

If you want to support this effort, we invite you to click on DONATE and give. Your gift will be put towards the trip cost to get the photographer and his wife to China or a donation for the orphanage.