The Nest serves as a full-circle approach in adoption support and orphan care, and a tangible way you can be a part of that by shopping with purpose.

At The Nest, you can purchase jewelry of handmade beads as well as animals stitched by hand by refugee women currently living in Kenya, women broken from war and HIV, caring for orphans in their community, but made whole together.

Your purchase not only gives you a beautiful and unique piece, you can wear it with joy knowing that the total proceeds from your purchase supports adoptive families — adoptive families in Kenya who sell the items to provide for their families and adoptive families in the U.S. through the work of The Sparrow Fund.

Check back into the store regularly as new one-of-a-kind pieces are added all the time.

Shop with purpose at The Nest

And, if you are fundraising for your adoption, consider our program that allows you to sell the jewelry yourself to help you in your efforts. Click here for more information.